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When you are running your own business by yourself or with very little help it can be a challenge to get everything done on time properly. Phone calls can interrupt the flow of your work and you might not always be available to take them in the first place. A telephone answering service could take … Read more

Business owner’s acquiring dependable receptionists is often just a dream these days coupled with the costs of hiring someone to answer your calls and deal with all aspects of your telecommunications duties in your business are substantial and time consuming. In the business services world there is an ever increasing demand for the support service … Read more

Successful entrepreneurs know that their success lies in the hands of their existing and potential clientele. Because of that, they should be catering to each of them in every way possible, especially with communication. Voice mail just does not do it anymore, but staffed receptionists come with high costs. The cost-effective solution can help you … Read more

Many years ago, companies using live operators to take incoming calls during evenings and on weekends were often the exception. Those services could be costly, and sometimes were inefficient. Today’s business climate, however, makes keeping an open line of communication between customers, vendors and clients an absolute necessity. A good after hours answering service can … Read more

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Jim Frasier CEO,
Frasier Real Estate

A full time receptionist is no longer required after taking on this service. We have huge amount of savings and now our agents are able to spend more time on the road selling houses to clients instead of in the office taking calls. The ladies answering our calls are amazing to say the least!