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Virtual Receptionist Service Terms

1. Products and Services

ReceptionHQ LLC (ANS) provides the following:

  • Free services, Message Centre and MyReceptionist to the subscriber (Subscriber)
  • Other services for which fees shall be payable (Inbound and Outbound Communications traffic.)

(a) Message Centre services, for which charges apply, are provided 24 hours per day and include:

  • Inbound voicemail messages
  • Voicemail to Email
  • SMS to mobile phones
  • Notifications by Email,SMS
  • Follow me call diversions
  • Caller greetings
  • Other services that may be introduced from time to time.

This service is charged monthly in advance. Subsequent monthly charges will be billed automatically on the anniversary of the joining date each month unless ANS is notified in writing of a cancellation of service.

(b) myReceptionist services, for which charges apply, include:

  • Live Operator telephone answering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Call Diversions (outbound communications)
  • Message notification (SMS, Email)
  • Message Centre Services as above
  • Other services that may be introduced from time to time.

This service is charged monthly in advance. Subsequent monthly charges will be billed automatically on the anniversary of the joining date each month unless ANS is notified in writing of a cancellation of service.

(c) Inbound and Outbound Communications traffic includes sending SMS, Call Diversions and Email messages. These services attract usage charges.

Usage charges are deducted from a prepayment billed at signup. This prepayment is recharged when the balance reaches $0.00.

In keeping with our policy of product review, and to provide the Subscriber with up to date products and services there may be changes from time to time. ANS reserves the right to introduce new services and change the products and services available as ANS Message Centre and ANS myReceptionist at any time, without prior notice.

2. Content Disclaimer

ANS does not monitor, nor take any responsibility whatsoever, for quality, accuracy and the content of the information or messages that are received on behalf of the Subscriber.

3. General Disclaimer-Third Party Information

All information contained herein is a general outline of the subject matter, and has been entered by ANS in the honest belief that it is true, accurate and is not misleading. ANS must, however, rely on the integrity of the sources that provide ANS with that information. Accordingly, ANS does not take any responsibility for the truth and accuracy of the information, and the use that is made of it, which is entirely at the Subscriber’s own risk, and without recourse to Answering Service Pty Ltd (c) 2004. All rights reserved.

4. Use of Information

Information collected by ANS from Subscriber may be used by ANS in accordance with ANS Privacy Policy and as may be amended from time to time. The Subscriber agrees to regularly review ANS Privacy Policy.

5. Conditions of Use

In accepting a subscription to the ANS products and services with ANS, or through any Channel Partner with whom ANS may be acting as a Service Provider, the Subscriber (Subscriber) AGREES to the following terms and conditions of use: (a) Subscriber acknowledges and accepts clauses (1) to (4) above; (b) On completion of the signup form, a unique telephone number(s) shall be allocated to Subscriber, for a trial period or such other time determined by the level of subscription; (c) Subscriber may retain that number for that trial period or prepaid subscription level; (e) At the end of that trial period, if Subscriber does not use any of the ANS Message Centre or ANS myReceptionist services as set out in (1) above, ANS shall be entitled to cancel service to Subscriber; (f) In the event that the service is cancelled, the telephone number allocated to Subscriber shall be relinquished, for use as ANS sees fit. (g) Upon cancellation of the service, ANS shall not take any responsibility whatsoever for receipt and delivery of any messages sent to Subscriber’s message centre subsequent to that cancellation; (h) ANS shall be entitled at any time to withdraw services at any time, and Subscriber’s telephone number, without notice, for whatever reason.

(i) ANS reserves the right to suspend or cancel any service where Subscriber Credit Card payments are declined or an account remains in arrears after the due date at any time. (j) Subscriber shall not transmit or cause to transmit any material that is derogatory, racist, abusive, threatening, obscene, hateful or in any other way objectionable to others or illegal; (k) If Subscriber ‘spams’, or causes any nuisance using any of the services, ANS shall, at its sole discretion, and without prior notice withdraw services to Subscriber; (l) In the event that there is any cause whatsoever to believe that the service provided by ANS is being used to contravene any law, that service shall be immediately cancelled. Any such cancellation shall be at the sole discretion of ANS, and shall be done without notice to Subscriber or recourse to ANS.

6. Scheduled Fees

Subscription fees are charged monthly in advance as per schedule below. Subscriptions are automatically renewed on the monthly anniversary of initial signup unless cancelled by email to prior to renewal including the date you wish to cancel.

Answer Subscription Fees & Charges
PlanIncluded*SubscriptionCall Charge
Answer Standard0$15.00 per month$2.00 per call
Answer 2525 calls per month$50.00 per month$1.85 per call
Answer 5050 calls per month$80.00 per month$1.85 per call
Answer 100100 calls per month$135.00 per month$1.85 per call
Answer 200200 calls per month$250.00 per month$1.85 per call

*Unused monthly call allowance expires each month

MyAssistant (with MyCalendar) Subscription Fees & Charges
PlanInbound Call Charge*SubscriptionSetup Fee
MyAssistant$1.35 per minute$49.00 per month$50.00
MyAssistant with MyCalendar$1.35 per minute$49.00 per month$99.00

*Charged in 30 second increments

MessageExpress Subscription Fees & Charges
PlanIncluded*SubscriptionCall Charge
MessageExpress 2525 calls per month$29.00 per month$1.20 per excess call
MessageExpress 5050 calls per month$49.00 per month$1.20 per excess call
MessageExpress 100100 calls per month$85.00 per month$1.20 per excess call

*MessageExpress subscriptions include notification by email & text message

MessageCenter Subscription Fees & Charges
MessageCenter Voicemail200 minutes per month$9.95 per month$0.06 per additional minute

Additional Charges
Messaging & TransfersService Charge
Call Transfer$0.50
Message by Text$0.20
Message by EmailFREE

Top-up Charge

A Prepayment of $50.00 is charged on initial signup. Usage fees and excess call charges are deducted from this prepayment. The prepayment is automatically recharged when the balance reaches $0.00

7. Credit Card Payments

When you order online, we need to have your name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number and card expiration date. This enables us to process your order and to notify you regarding its status. By its nature, we cannot guarantee that information transmitted on the internet is 100% secure. To reduce this risk, we use a secure server for online credit cards transactions with up to date encryption methods. Information on this secure server is not available to ANS staff. However, these transactions are undertaken at your risk, as we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit.

ANS reserves the right to change prices at any time with one months notice.

8. Security

The Subscriber agrees and acknowledges that ANS shall not be liable to the Subscriber or any other person for any of the following: (a) Performance, security, reliability, and Subscriber’s competence in the use of the internet, telecommunications companies, and internet service providers in transmitting information; (b) Confidentiality of Subscriber password; (c) Use of the ANS Messaging by third parties, for any reason. Subscriber is responsible for password security, and must ensure that this password is not disclosed to any third party, for whatever reason; (d) Security of any information transmitted on the internet

9. Exclusion of Liability

(a) Subscriber agrees and acknowledges that ANS shall not be liable for any claims of whatsoever kind or nature (including claims for negligence) that might arise directly or indirectly out of any act or omission, use or misuse of any of the services by the Subscriber or for anything else done or not done by ANS. To the extent this clause fails to fully and completely exclude any claim and/or to the extent any third party might make any claim against ANS in any way related to the Subscriber’s use or misuse of the Services or anything done or not done for the Subscriber by ANS then the Subscriber hereby indemnifies ANS against any and all liabilities losses expenses and costs that might be suffered or incurred by ANS as a direct or indirect consequence of any such claims being made.

(b) ANS hereby excludes all and any liabilities, costs, damages, losses or expenses of whatsoever kind or nature which may be claimed by Subscriber or any third party against ANS including claims for negligence in relation to any matter whatsoever arising from this Agreement.

10. Proper Law

This Agreement will be governed by and construed pursuant to the laws of California, America and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of California, America in connection with any dispute relating to this Agreement.

11. Cancelling a Service

The subscriber may cancel a service by notifying ANS in writing at any time prior to the monthly renewal date. The service will continue until the current prepaid monthly subscription expires. ANS do not provide a refund for early cancellation of any service.ANS do not refund any remaining credit from the top-up charge.

13. Refund Policy

ANS will refund the subscription fee in full if the subscriber is not satisfied with the service for any reason within 7 days of service commencement. ANS require a cancellation request in writing. Any usage charges will still apply.

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