Utilize a custom-built IVR to efficiently route calls.

We can help businesses of any size easily implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to greet callers with a list of options to quickly get them through to the right team member, department or location.

Have callers direct themselves to the right place.

Automatic answering

Callers can interact with the IVR menu within seconds of dialing your number as calls are picked up immediately.

Nested menu options

IVRs can be custom-built as one long menu list or as a set of nested options depending on your needs.

Screening for humans

Tired of robo-calls? An IVR can help prevent nuisance calls by ensuring only real people get through to your team.

Productivity gains

Save your team time and enable better customer interactions by having callers direct themselves to the right place.

Increase credibility

As IVRs are associated with corporate and enterprise-level businesses, using one can make you appear larger.

Real-time call log

All calls answered by the IVR can be viewed in our online client portal, along with the menu option selected.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can reduce the number of inbound phone calls requiring human intervention, reducing your staffing costs or virtual reception plan size. Able to be implemented with 2+ menu options, IVR also personalizes caller experience.

Consider the benefit of enabling customers to quickly talk to someone in the right location or department. Or having an urgent after-hours call go directly to your on-call team member, yet a non-urgent call go to a virtual receptionist to take a message.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) pricing.

Implement as a standalone solution or bundle with one of our live call answering services.


Standalone IVR
(no virtual reception)


per month

Plus $0.20/minute for calls

1-5 menu options

Setup $120

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Additional IVR
menu options


per month extra

Per addition 1-5 menu options

Plus $0.20/minute for calls (if not bundled with live call answering service) and additional $39 setup

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* Plus relevant sales tax. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

How it works.

Our super-fast setup means you can be receiving diverted calls within just a few minutes.

A customer calls your number.

Calls made to your advertised business number are automatically answered instantly using your recorded IVR greeting.

The customer picks from a menu.

The customer makes a selection from your customized IVR menu (for example, “Press 1 to technical support, press 2 for billing …”).

We answer the call (if needed).

If the chosen menu option is linked to a live call answering solution, the call will redirect to a virtual receptionist to handle the call from there.

"We’ve had a great experience with AnsweringService.com, they have always been accommodating and reliable."
Nora Evans, Dallas Moving Expert

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