Divert your business number to any number you choose.

Advertising a virtual phone number and instantly diverting calls to a different landline or cell phone can be a great strategy for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses expanding into new territories.

Call forwarding solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Local virtual numbers

Targeting a specific area? We can provide virtual numbers with local area codes for states or cities across the US.

Toll-free numbers

Targeting the entire US or want to make your business appear larger? Upgrade to a toll-free virtual number.

Instant call diversion

Whatever number you advertise, we can divert your calls instantly to any landline or cell phone you choose.

24/7 scheduling

You can easily set call forwarding to occur only on some days or divert to different numbers based on time of day.

Easy self-management

Check your call logs and update your settings, including the number calls are diverted to, using our online portal.

No lock-in contract

Our month-to-month subscriptions, with zero setup fees or cancellation fees, offer total flexibility.

Minimizing business expenses by using your cell phone to take business calls, like many entrepreneurs and sole proprietors? By utilizing a virtual number and diverting your calls, you can keep your cell number private and see when an incoming call is business-related. It’s a perfect low-cost solution!

Call diversion pricing.

MessageCenter Divert


per month

Free local or toll free number (available anywhere in the US)

Pay as you go

Diverted calls $0.10 per minute*

Month-to-month plan
(cancel any time)

International call transfers dependent upon country
(please ask for details)

Inquire now

* Plus relevant sales tax. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

How it works.

Our super-fast setup means you can be receiving diverted calls within just a few minutes.

Choose your virtual number.

Decide whether to divert your existing advertised business number, use the new local number provided or upgrade to a toll-free number.

Set your call diversion.

You can forward calls to any landline or cell phone 24/7. Or you can set a schedule so that, for example, calls divert to voicemail after hours.

Answer your diverted calls.

With call forwarding activated, any calls to your advertised number will automatically divert and you can answer them as you normally would.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A call diversion service enables you to advertise one number for your business but take calls on a different number, for example your personal cell phone and you want to keep that number private.  In such a scenario, customers and other callers phoning the business will only ever know the advertised number, yet the business owner will be able to see whether or not an incoming call is connected to their business.

A call diversion service can provide a simple, fast and economical way for a business to appear larger or to expand its presence interstate or nationally. An entrepreneur who runs several businesses, each with their own advertised number, can also use a call diversion service to have calls for all businesses answered on a single number (whether a cell phone or a number at physical business premises).

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Unless you have an associated live call answering service or voicemail-to-email service with AnsweringService.com, any unanswered calls will be managed by whatever existing solutions you have in place. As an example, typically on a cell phone, an unanswered call would go through to the telecommunication provider’s own voicemail service.

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You sure can.  Very easily via your online client portal, with any number change taking effect immediately.  Additionally, during business hours our customer support team can make the change for you.

Yes. When signing up for a live call answering service, call diversion service or voicemail-to-email, you can choose an exclusive phone number with a local area code for free. Or, for an additional cost, you can upgrade to a toll-free number. You can either advertise this number directly or forward calls to it from your existing business number. Alternatively, you may wish to port an existing local or toll-free number from your current provider to AnsweringService.com.

"We’ve had a great experience with AnsweringService.com, they have always been accommodating and reliable."
Nora Evans, Dallas Moving Expert

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