At Answering Service, we help you present a professional image to the world. Let our Receptionists see to it that all your calls are answered promptly.



At Answering Service, we help you present a professional image to the world. Let our Receptionists see to it that all your calls are answered promptly.


Real American Receptionists Based here in the U.S.

At Answering Service, we help you present a professional image to the world. Let our Receptionists see to it that all your calls are answered promptly.


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24/7 Receptionist

A smart, affordable, total business communications solution
  • Professional and customized, live phone answering service
  • Calls diverted seamlessly to mobile or landline
  • Customize & update your call answering instructions instantly, wherever you are
  • Receive your messages via text and/or email
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Message Center

Never miss a call again!
  • Our message center allows you to choose how to receive your calls
  • Instantly change your settings to deliver calls to any number, take messages, or send an SMS
  • Accessible Anywhere in the World!
  • Text-to-speech allows you to call in and have you messages read to you.
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How It Works


Callers are greeted by a live, friendly receptionist with your business name and a greeting of your choice. Receptionists handle the call according to your settings.


Calls are transferred to you wherever you are. If you're unavailable a message is taken and it's delivered to you via text message and/or email!


Affordable Virtual Office Solutions

Answering Service

Answering Service provide timely services and reliable solutions to every business need. Among our many administrative services, we provide a friendly, professional answering service dedicated to ensuring that all of your phone calls are captured in time, every time. Our telephone answering service comes with a range of features which you can tailor to fit the needs and expectations of all of your callers, the size and availability of your business, and the time of day or night that your callers might be ringing from.

Whether your business relies on critical customer responsiveness or not, a professional answering service will ensure that no client or opportunity can ever fall through the cracks. We offer our answering service in three, customizable packages scaled to fit the needs of small to large businesses, so no matter how big or how new your business might be, you’ll never have to worry about your business line ringing out.

You can choose to use your existing business contact details or, as part of your answering service package with us, we can provide you with a local phone number you can use instead. Nothing says ‘thinking globally and caring nationally’ quite like a dedicated local line, answered on average within 10 seconds, at any time of day.

Most importantly, the biggest advantage your business will gain by choosing to engage a dedicated answering service like ours is the irreplaceable and comforting sound of another human being answering phone calls. It has been shown that 90% of customers prefer to speak to another person over automated alternatives.

Our virtual answering services provide a real human connection between your business and your clients through a highly trained, live receptionist who will offer a warm and friendly greeting at every time and for every call. People respond to people much more enthusiastically than they do to impersonal recorded messages or, worse still, the stilted staccato of machine voices impersonating real human tones.

Ensure that your business has a reputation for reliability, quick response times and warm, real customer care with a virtual answering service.

What is an answering service?

An answering service is a dedicated real time facility available 24/7 and is designed to capture any or all of your calls whenever you’re not available to take them. You can tailor your phone answering service depending on your needs to include features such as scheduling appointments and/or taking messages for return calls when you are available. You can nominate how those messages are sent to you and when, and we take care of your customer calls in the meantime.

Our live answering service is peopled by real, professional customer service operators responding locally to your business calls. For an idea on how your live receptionist service might sound, why not sample some of our live calls and hear for yourself the kind of difference a consistent business greeting available 24 hours a day can make to the warmth, professionalism and customer responsiveness of your business.

You can personalise your answering service by nominating a specific script which you would prefer your business phone answering service to follow, and this can include things like the name of your company or service, and how you would prefer your customers and clients to be greeted. This is a great way to ensure continuity of timed greetings like ‘Good Afternoon’ or ‘Good Morning’, especially if your company relies on international business. A personalised and dedicated call answering service can make the kind of impression you need to maintain a strong, reputable business presence within your market.

A phone answering service can also offer you peace of mind while you are travelling or otherwise unavailable outside of normal business hours. You can have services like your security system routed to a messaging service which can take the details of any security issues at your home or office premises, and forward them to you for further action if required.

You can’t be available all of the time. That’s why our professional answering service can play such a vital role in any size business. If your business relies on the timely response to critical information, you will never miss an opportunity with a 24 hour answering service.

What is a virtual receptionist?

Virtual receptionist services operate in much the same way that our phone answering service does. Our virtual answering service is performed by a local, trained telephonist who is pleasant, friendly and helpful. They will answer your calls within an average of 10 seconds and then attempt to put the caller through to the person they have requested to speak with, announcing who is calling before the caller is transferred. If you are available, then the call is forwarded. If you are not, your virtual receptionist will take whatever details you have instructed them to take and then have those details forwarded to you via your preferred method i.e. email and text message.

You can engage your reception answering service for normal business operating hours or you can opt for a 24/7 receptionist who can take messages or book your appointments for you outside of your normal hours. We make sure that your business is always available even when you aren’t.

As with all of our answering service packages, you choose how you wish your calls to be answered by providing a greeting or a script which you would prefer your dedicated receptionist to follow. You can update or change your instructions whenever you need to, or you can choose to increase or reduce the size of your package with us month to month.

Flexible scaling options are particularly useful if you normally receive a high volume of calls during seasonal trading times such as at Christmas. Often these trading times will coincide with staff planned annual leave and with public holidays. Choose an answering service package to cover you for just a few weeks, or the entire period. There are no lock-in contracts and you remain in control of your service.

Choosing to engage a regular and reliable answering service with us could increase your customer retention, reduce missed or ignored business opportunities, and strengthen your company’s professional image both locally and globally.

  • Business calls are answered in an average of 10 seconds.
  • Professional and local receptionists.
  • Customizable greeting and call scripts to ensure a consistent and reliable business image.
  • Friendly, warm voices representing your company’s commitment to customer care.
  • Calls diverted to mobiles or landlines as per your instructions.
  • Live scheduling for new appointments, changed appointments and cancelled appointments.
  • Dedicated local business contact details with the option of a local number provided by us.

If you’re not entirely convinced yet that our answering service is the right value adding solution for your business, why not choose to undertake an obligation-free 7 day trial? Take the week to get to know our business while we dedicate ourselves to yours. We are confident that over 25 000 happy customers know a good thing when they hear it, and we’re looking forward to adding you to that list.

Answering Service

Present a professional image to the world.
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