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What are some of the benefits of using a telephone answering service?

Virtual receptionists ensure that your customers, or prospective customers, always connect with a real person when they call – instead of being directed to voicemail and hanging up, regardless of the time of day or night.  At a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist, a 24/7 call answering service like AnsweringService.com can prevent missed calls, increase customer satisfaction, assist in capturing more leads and help prevent lost business opportunities. 

That all adds up to a strong probability of more revenue generation, all while saving you or your team valuable time … and while keeping expenditure to a minimum.

Consider that an in-house receptionist is likely to still miss calls during breaks and after-hours, including on their weekends and on holidays.  Then there’s sick days and vacation time when you need to somehow cover their absence.  Yet stacked up next to paying a full-time receptionist’s salary plus any benefits, not to mention recruitment and training costs, AnsweringService.com’s solutions are extremely cost-effective for businesses of any size.

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