Want a toll-free number or multiple business numbers?

Bundling additional phone numbers with our live call answering services or other business communication solutions can enhance how your business is perceived, regardless of your size or actual location.

Grow strategically with virtual inbound numbers.

Toll-free numbers

Targeting the entire US or want to make your business appear larger? Choose a toll-free virtual number.

Local virtual numbers

Targeting specific geographic areas? Choose virtual numbers with local area codes for states or cities across the US.

Increase credibility

Advertising a toll-free number or numbers for different cities can make you seem larger and more professional.

Gain marketing insights

Tracking calls from campaign-specific numbers can enable better evaluation of ROI and enhanced optimizations.

Capture more leads

Allowing prospects to make low-cost local calls or dial toll-free can translate into more inquiries.

No lock-in contract

Our month-to-month subscriptions, with zero setup fees or cancellation fees, offer total flexibility.

Suppose you have a local phone number, but you’re trying to sell services or products in a different city or have a nationwide marketing reach. You may well be underperforming and not even realize it. And it’s all to do with prospective customers’ initial perception of your business. Just by advertising a toll-free number, or a number local to your customers, you become a more compelling option.

Business phone number pricing.

Bundle an additional virtual number with a live call answering service, call diversion service or voicemail-to-email service.

Additional business phone numbers pricing

Please note: A free local or national number is provided with each live call answering or automated messaging subscription. Additional numbers can be added to these plans.

Local phone numbers


per month

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Toll-free numbers


per month

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* Plus relevant sales tax. ~ Fair use policy applies. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

How it works.

Start advertising and receiving calls to your new business number in no time flat.

Choose your virtual number(s).

Decide whether you’d like a toll-free number for nationwide use, a local number for targeting a specific city or state, or multiple local numbers for different areas.

A customer calls you.

Advertise your number(s) to start receiving calls. Depending on your bundled service, calls will be answered by a virtual receptionist, diverted to your chosen number or go to voicemail.

Easily track your calls.

Whether you bundle your number(s) with a live call answering service, call diversion service or voicemail-to-email, your call log will update in real time to show each and every inbound call.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You sure can! AnsweringService.com can provide you with multiple numbers in different area codes right across the US. Advertising local numbers in multiple cities or states can give the impression your business is more established or has a larger coverage area. Alternatively, if you have a nationwide customer base, we can provide you with a toll-free number.

A toll-free number is ideal if you want to advertise your business nationally or allow callers to contact you at no charge.

Yes!  Local phone numbers and toll-free numbers can also be ported out at any time, should you ever choose to discontinue using AnsweringService.com’s services.

"We’ve had a great experience with AnsweringService.com, they have always been accommodating and reliable."
Nora Evans, Dallas Moving Expert

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