Answering services can help create an affordable virtual office solution.

Business TipsVirtual Reception provides timely and reliable solutions to every business need. Among our many administrative services, we provide a friendly, professional answering service dedicated to ensuring that all of your phone calls are captured.

Our telephone answering service comes with a range of features that you can tailor to fit the needs and expectations of all of your callers, the size and availability of your business, and the time of day or night that your callers might be ringing from.

Whether your business relies on critical customer responsiveness or not, a professional answering service will ensure that no client or opportunity can ever fall through the cracks.

Packages to fit businesses of all sizes.

We offer our answering service in three customizable packages scaled to fit the needs of small to large businesses. So no matter how big or how new your business might be, you’ll never have to worry about your business line ringing out.

Local and toll-free phone numbers.

You can choose to use your existing business contact details or, as part of your answering service package with us, we can provide you with a local phone number or toll-free number you can use instead. Nothing says “thinking globally and caring nationally” quite like a dedicated local line, answered on average within 10 seconds, at any time of day.

Enabling human connections.

Most importantly, the biggest advantage your business will gain by choosing to engage a dedicated answering service like ours is the irreplaceable and comforting sound of another human being answering phone calls. It has been shown that 90% of customers prefer to speak to another person over automated alternatives.

Our virtual answering services provide a real human connection between your business and your clients through a highly trained, live receptionist who will offer a warm and friendly greeting at every time and for every call. People respond to people much more enthusiastically than they do to impersonal recorded messages or, worse still, the stilted staccato of machine voices impersonating real human tones.

Ensure that your business has a reputation for reliability, quick response times and warm, real customer care with a virtual answering service.

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