What is a live call answering service?

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A live call answering service is a dedicated real-time solution for handling your business’s inbound phone calls, available 24/7. It’s designed to capture any or all of your calls whenever you’re not available to take them.

You can tailor your phone answering service, depending on your needs, to include features such as taking payments, entering data directly into your CRM, transferring calls when appropriate or simply taking messages for return calls when you are available. You can also nominate how those messages are sent to you and when.

AnsweringService.com’s live answering service uses professional customer service operators handling your business calls. Imagine the kind of difference a consistent business greeting available 24 hours a day can make to the warmth, professionalism and customer responsiveness of your business.

Customization to suit your business.

You can personalize your answering service by nominating a specific script that you would prefer your business phone answering service to follow, and this can include things like the name of your company or service, and how you would prefer your customers and clients to be greeted.

This is a great way to ensure continuity of time-based greetings such as “Good afternoon” or “Good morning”, especially if your company relies on international business.

A personalized and dedicated call answering service can make the kind of impression you need to maintain a strong, reputable business presence within your market.

After-hours solutions.

A phone answering service can also offer you peace of mind while you are traveling or otherwise unavailable outside of normal business hours.

You can have services like your security system routed to a messaging service, which can take the details of any security issues at your home or office premises, and forward them to you for further action if required.

You can’t be available all of the time. That’s why our professional answering service can play such a vital role in any size business. If your business relies on the timely response to critical information, you will never miss an opportunity with a 24-hour answering service.

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