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The Answering Service Message Center is a complete unified communications system. Voicemails left on your Personal Phone Number are delivered to your email inbox. Your number can be set up to handle messages and notifications just the way you like. You can change settings by dialing in from any phone or logging in to your Answering Service account. You can now have one place for all your messages and access them anywhere in the world. Check out the features below.

A Few of Message Center’s Features:

  • Voicemail: If you are unavailable to take a call, you can set your Personal number to forward callers to Voicemail. Your callers will hear your personal greeting and be asked to leave a message. You can ring in on the phone like traditional voicemail and retrieve your messages or we can send them to your email address so that you can listen to your messages from your PC.
  • Follow Me and Instant Divert: You can set follow me numbers so that you never miss a call. Your callers will be instructed to wait while our system tries your list of numbers. If you are unavailable, the caller can press 1 to leave a message. Instant divert can be set up so that your callers are immediately transferred to the number you nominate.
  • Notification: Our notification system allows you to set many options. Message Center can send you email or SMS notifications to let you know a message has arrived. You can redirect emails to other accounts or consolidate all your emails into our Message Center.
  • Web Portal: Our system lets you log on to your web account and change any of your message settings. Update instructions for our receptionists, check all your messages, send emails, and SMS. You can also set SMS notifications to let you know whenever a message arrives. We also provide calendar, contacts and File Sharing. Your billing information is also realtime and available at any time – all our charges are itemized.

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