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Live Receptionist Services

Your callers will have a true receptionist experience!

This is no ordinary messaging center, all your calls are answered in your company name by our friendly local receptionists and transferred to you wherever you are. Backed by powerful real-time technology, our customized instantaneous service is what sets us apart from competitors.

Our online administration lets you set up, activate and change your call answering instructions instantly- as soon as you submit your information. And that’s no longer than it takes to instruct your own Personal Assistant.

The Answering Service package is a smart and affordable total business communication service that gives your business a professional image whether you’re a sole trader or big operation. It’s a flexible cost-effective alternative to running a fully serviced office.

Convenient Personal Numbers

Your existing number or a new number can be selected to receive calls for your business - choose a local number for instant activation from dozens of area codes throughout America.

Powerful Call Handling

Your Answering Service receptionists are able to access all your details when a call rings on your Personal Number. Our receptionists provide the following information which you can update at any time from our Web Portal:

  • Personal Number and company name.
  • Personal Greeting
  • All your employee or department contacts, each allocated their own personal number
  • Priority diversion numbers for each contact
  • Do Not Disturb – If you are busy just set your DND flag and we will send you messages
  • Message Preference – choose from Email, text or both

Answering Service

Present a professional image to the world.
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